The Role of BIM in Facilities Management

What do you mean by Facility Management?

Once the building has been constructed and handed over, facility management begins. Throughout the lifecycle of a building, it is a continuous process. As part of this process, the asset and its content equipment, space, furnishings, etc are managed optimally. Facilities management involves all the activities that integrate business administration, asset management, maintenance, contract management, renovations, and refurbishments.

BIM in Facility Management

Both buildings and the technology used to control them are becoming smarter. Building Information Modeling is one of the most popular technologies that organisations may use today (BIM). It helps with the process of extracting measurable information from physical settings is the next stage in the digitalization of facilities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows professionals to refer to and use a central database for maintaining the life of the building. With BIM, a…

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