A student design challenge: Make It Bridge

Over on Instructables there’s a student design challenge featuring the 5m Dar Smart Bridge.

It’s called “Make It Bridge”, and the idea is that contestants – who have to be students aged between 13 and 21 and based in the USA or Canada (excluding Quebec, for some reason) – can place the geometry of the Dar bridge, or another bridge of their choosing, in surroundings to which it adds value. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Make it Bridge

I like the guidance given:

In choosing the site for the bridge, you might consider what it would look like from below and from a distance, how it would feel to cross it, and what it could offer to the spaces or even nature beneath it. You might also consider how it could be embedded with technology like sensors that could collect data which might be used to gain new insights and understanding.

The good news for those of us who are ineligible – whether due to age, location or employment status – can use it to download the geometry of this very cool…

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