And the Oscar for best commercial goes to Otto Desć!

Yesterday’s Oscar ceremony was punctuated by a series of commercials (or adverts, as we call them back home) by Autodesk.

The first few paid homage to a mythical filmmaker/visual effects specialist named Otto Desćinski – or Otto Desć to his friends.

Otto Desc

It was only during the third segment that the secret was unveiled, that the series was really all about Autodesk.

Here’s the extended cut, showing content from all three segments:

The whole thing was really nicely executed: Ryan Reynolds’ creative agency, Maximum Effort, were behind it, and our new Chief Marketing Officer, Dara Treseder, clearly played a role. I’m sure there were many others, too.

It’s always nice when I can show something like this to my kids and they say “that’s so cool!” Thanks to all those who made this happen: being cool to your teenage kids is definitely something worth celebrating.

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