BIMX for ArchiCAD: A technology you should be aware of in 2023

Information about a construction project is created and managed by Building Information Modeling or BIM throughout the project lifecycle. Building Information Models serve as digital descriptions of all the aspects of buildings.

A stylish architect can create a relaxing atmosphere with reassuring brightness and high end appliances without many personalized decorations and playful details.

BIM also allows architects and engineers to detect potential problems in the early stages of development, thereby avoiding costly mistakes. When buying a house or any property for a specific purpose, BIM technology has also changed the buyer’s experience.

Through a much simpler and intuitive user interface than ArchiCAD’s complex BIM authoring environment’s UI, BIMx’s desktop and mobile software tools interact with 3D models and 2D documentation created with Building Information Models created with ArchiCAD.

Essentially, it is about how people feel and what they can do with the BIM…

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