Building the future of AI infrastructure with Autodesk software

It’s been really exciting – and sometimes even overwhelming – to see the fast-paced developments in the space of Generative AI over the last few months. It’s clear that Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI systems are increasingly playing a key role in our Future of Work.

One thing that’s often glossed over is the need for human input when building and refining these models: aside from being trained on vast datasets generated from websites and the broader internet, huge teams of people are helping train these AI models, providing “human processing within a computational framework”, to quote a colleague of mine. Every time you prove you’re a human by responding to a reCAPTCHA – selecting squares of an image showing buses, cars or traffic lights – you’re essentially helping train an AI by labeling data for Google.

If you’re not Google – and have the breadth to deploy a tool like reCAPTCHA – then there are other ways to handle these data labeling…

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