Dynamo Office Hours showing Space Analysis and VASA

Last week Rhys Goldstein and I had a blast joining Sol Amour and Jacob Small during the Dynamo Office Hours session on Packages of Note, something I mentioned in a recent post.

We spent some time stepping through a few samples for both Space Analysis and VASA, to give a rough sense of what’s involved in using each.

Kean talking Space Analysis

Rhys talking VASA

Next week I’m heading over to Denmark for the first half of the week, where I’ll be attending the APS Sustainability Accelerator in Copenhagen. If you’re going to be in Copenhagen next week and want to meet up for a chat, let me know!

On Thursday I’ll fly back to attend the opening of a new exhibit at EPFL called “Lighten Up! On Biology and Time” along with a related symposium. It should be a fun week.

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