Lighten Up! at EPFL

After an interesting start of the week in Copenhagen, I hurried back to Switzerland on Thursday afternoon to attend the opening of an exhibition.

At Copenhagen airport

The exhibition in question is called “Lighten Up! On Biology and Time” and is at the intersection of Art and Chronobiology. It’s running at the EPFL Pavilions until the end of July.

Exhibition flyer

The opening was in the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL campus, and the auditorium was nicely full.Opening of Lighten Up

In his keynote address Till Roenneberg had everyone close their eyes – a risky strategy for an evening presentation, but one that worked – and imagine a group of smaller reptiles, hoping to escape larger predators roaming the Earth during the day, becoming nocturnal and eventually warm-blooded. In due course mammals would find their way back to the day, but ultimately this evolutionary process had a profound effect on our biology. Super interesting stuff.

After these really interesting speeches, there were some snacks and drinks, and then the exhibition…

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