Read a Proper Guide to BIM in 2023 for the different levels of BIM

The AEC industry initially misconstrued BIM as merely a buzzword to attract investors. However, it may soon prove to be the ace card the sector has been lacking.

Through BIM and its increasing levels of dimensions, all aspects are interdependent and therefore analyzed and scheduled together. Due to the advent of this new era of building construction, construction processes are being planned more accurately, including designing, timing, and construction costs.

A Building Information Model (BIM) illustrates the physical and functional characteristics of a building digitally. Buildings are often designed, constructed, and operated using it. Depending on the level of detail and granularity of the information included in the BIM model, these levels are referred to as layers. A BIM can be classified into several levels, based on the specific project and stakeholder needs.

Define BIM Levels

In the AEC industry, designers and architects learn early that BIM levels encourage…

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