Me and Alan singing harmonies into a single microphone. That would be 1976 probably. One of our first gigs, some youth club in Sheffield.

We had very different musical influences, but somehow a conviction that we could blend them into a music that was distinctively ours.

The blues guys were my contribution to the mix. Don’t get too fancy. Get the tone right and play from the heart. Can’t tell you how much those memories mean to me.


Another page from my old history of architecture notebook. Continuing my analysis of the Fagus Factory by Walter Gropius. I really must find time for a little #bimpencil study of this.

Gropius actually took over from another architect on this project and inherited the basic plan layout. His job, in the first instance was to make the elevations look better, which is kind of ironic given the usual modernist mantra about “form follows function”

Maybe we should just accept that practical problems and the pursuit of beauty are intertwined in our work….

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