I photographed this model of a shop house on a previous visit to Singapore. One of many fascinating models at the City Gallery.

I love my virtual models. Revit and BIM have given so much to me over the last two decades, but… There is a lot to be said for physical models of buildings whether during the design process, or as part of a retrospective analysis.

If you’ve ever been to the Soane Museum in London you will appreciate how much store he put in building models that often take apart to reveal how inside and outside form relate.


Another image pair spanning my transition from Sheffield to Africa.

My daughter Wendy with her two older cousins, Cathy and Kundai at the farm school, Rusununguko, where I lived for two years, met Wendy’s mother, immersed myself in a new and radically different environment.

A page from my ideas-sketchbook just months before when I was searching for my next “move” in the game of life. A meditation on topsy-turvy worlds, Escher-style inversions of…

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