Utilizing Interoperable Revit Components to build Smart Revit Families

Working on large projects often involves nested Revit families with interchangeable parts. Modelers commonly use nested families that carry a variety of components and options, allowing them to pick from multiple options at once. A single hanger file can have multiple options for strut type and number of tiers.

By using BIM files provided by architects, a rendering artist can produce a lifelike image of a project even if it does not exist. To vividly represent a plan, a 3D rendering artist uses the information included in a CAD file. 3D models are designed on computers, and as more objects are added, their complexity and scope increase.

Static rendering produces a photorealistic architectural visualization by combining all models into a scene. To put it simply, the rendering artist translates all those ideas and details into an image client can easily understand and explore. 3D architects refine the design based on feedback from clients.

Importance of Size in Revit…

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