LOD (Level of Development) in BIM & Difference between Levels of Details

Speaking about the Level of Development (LOD) a number of old articles provide an excellent summary of the development and history of LOD.

With the information in those papers, it is possible to date the earliest LOD usage to 2004 by a business that develops software for construction analysis. At that time, they employed a method that was similar to a LOD to link digital models to project costs.


The Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit first established the five-level notion of Stages of Development in 2008. (LOD 100 – LOD 500).

These texts were accepted as reference resources by other nations, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, etc. Variant standards have also been established in other nations with minor variations.

The LOD standard serves as a benchmark for the 3D models’ level of accuracy and detail. Architects, engineers, and contractors all utilize it as the industry standard. As a means of ensuring quality in the process of building…

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