Testfit.io – A Building Design Automation Startup

In the world of architecture and real estate development, the preliminary development and design process can be time-consuming, and costly. However, with the emergence of startups like Testfit.io, the game is changing.

Image testfit.io
Image testfit.io

The Testfit.io cloud based platform uses algorithms and data to generate design options and insights for a given site, based on user-defined parameters such as building type, zoning constraints, and site-specific requirements. By automating this process, Testfit.io reduces the time and effort needed for the early stages of design, allowing  a user to find optimal solutions quickly. It can also be a powerful tool for developers and investors to iterate the value or potential or feasibility of a piece of property and reduce risks.

  • Design automation: Testfit.io allows users to input a wide range of parameters for their building design, such as lot size, building height, and required setbacks. The platform then uses these inputs to generate a variety of…

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