The 4 task links / dependencies available in MS Project Explained

There are 4 kind of task dependencies in Microsoft Project.
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In Microsoft Project, there are four types of task dependencies, also known as task links, that you can use to show the relationships between tasks in your project schedule:

  1. Finish-to-Start (FS): This is the most common type of task dependency, and it indicates that the second task cannot start until the first task is finished. Installing the foundation of a building must be completed before the framing of the building can begin. The electrical rough-in work must be completed before the drywall can be installed. The installation of the roof trusses must be completed before the roofing can be installed. In any of these cases, you would create a Finish-to-Start link between these two tasks. This is the most used activity link in my experience.
  2. Start-to-Start (SS): Start to Start is a logical relationship where a Successor Activity cannot start until a Predecessor Activity has started,…

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