Why 2D Drawings are Ineffective and Expensive in BIM?

2D structural drawings are becoming obsolete as digital BIM based workflow programs become more popular. Time, money, and resources can be saved by making live changes and sharing content. BIM should replace 2D drawings in projects for the following reasons.

Reorganizing everything in 2D drawing is one of the most challenging things to do. You should never wait until you have too many pieces to organize before creating different groups and layers. Separate fragments should be organized into their groups and layers so that they do not unintentionally merge.

Define 2D Drawings

2D drawings are two dimensional representations of objects or scenes. They are used in a variety of contexts ranging from engineering to design and are often used to communicate a design or idea to a team of people.

2D drawings can be used to represent the shape, size, and position of objects in a scene or to show the relationships between components in a system. They can be created using a variety…

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