How to Convert and Upgrade to Toposolids – landarchBIM

With the advent of Toposolids, one of the first big questions that I have been working hard to fully understand and anticipate is what exactly happens if you have an ongoing project that you want to upgrade to Revit 2024?

I will say the answer will vary a bit depending on what sort of elements you typically use to model a site/landscape. But let’s dive in and take a look…

Pitfalls of the conversion process

There are a couple of downsides to the conversion process. Some of these are built into the API, so there are limited workarounds. And there are other issues that we do have do have the ability to fix via the API, so apps (such as FOREground) can provide some support.

So to start, we will examine what happens when you use the Revit conversion method: Generate Toposolid.

caption: Generate Toposolid will tell you: When generating a toposolid, consider the following: – Sub-regions are converted to toposolid sub-divisions. – Building pads are ignored….

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