I made a bit of a meal of this for
various reasons but got there in the end… And the festoon motif is scalable
via the double-nested Planting hack.

That makes for more levels of nesting than we might
normally prefer. Generic Models for the base level components. Then two levels
of Planting family and finally a wall-hosted GM with the frame moulding.
Surprisingly it doesn’t seem to affect performance.

Now I have it set up, should be easy enough to insert
different designs at the base level. Maybe I will try a couple more tomorrow.


I am not a plasterer, though I
dabbled a bit in my youth. Whatever your chosen medium, as an artist you strive
to understand its potential, “what it wants to be”

So there is the nature of the object or activity that
you wish to represent, and the nature of the medium. How can you blend these
two in some kind of synergy? How can you bring out the beauty, the energy, the
inner tension of both?

As promised I have created a second wall…

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