Sync room parameters with Dynamo

When modelling multi-residential buildings in Revit, often model groups will be used to make the process more efficient. Depending on the organisation’s BIM standards, the model group may contain a single room for the entire apartment or multiple rooms for each room. When multiple rooms are used, typically, there will be a common parameter across all rooms to assist the scheduling process. For example, each room may have an ‘Apartment Number’ parameter. Populating each nested room can be time-consuming, especially if the apartment numbering sequence is regularly updated.

Synchronising room parameters with Dynamo

To help solve this problem, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo Player graph, which synchronises room parameters nested within a model group. The parameter in question must be of category ‘Room’, instance-based, and set to ‘values can vary by group instance’. Before running the graph, ensure that at least one room per model group has the…

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