TechX 2023 in Dallas

Last week I was in Dallas, Texas, for TechX 2023, Autodesk’s annual internal event for technical and design staff.

As the technical content shared at the event is company confidential, I’m mostly sharing pictures of people I had the good fortune to hang out with, during the course of the week. There was quite a bit of “real” work going on, too, though, so hopefully you won’t come away with the impression that it was just a week-long party. Ahem.

As there’s no direct flight to Dallas from Switzerland, I chose to fly via Heathrow from Geneva on the Sunday morning.

The flight out to Heathrow

The onwards flight was operated by American Airlines, which meant a change of terminal from 5 to 3.

Onwards to Dallas

There was plenty of time for the terminal change, though, as the flight to Dallas was delayed by a half-hour or so. The gate was heaving with passengers.

Waiting at Heathrow

I was part of boarding group 7 (is it me, or is this group thing getting out of hand?), so was quite late to board. Luckily with still enough overhead space, as I…

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