The inorganic growth of Autodesk

It’s been a fantastic week in Dallas at TechX 2023. I’ll post more about the event next week, but in the meantime I just wanted to share a graphic that was displayed prominently in the exhibition area: it was a wild trip down memory lane for me, at least.

The M&A wall

It plots Autodesk’s Merger & Acquisition activity throughout the company’s history (from our founding right up to March 2023 and the acquisition of UNIFI). Daniel Russell, from our HR organisation, kindly shared the source document. Daniel is working to help smooth the integration of people joining Autodesk through acquisition – we’re lucky to have him working on this, as my recollection is that this hasn’t always been a straightforward process.

A History of M&A at Autodesk

It’s fascinating to see Autodesk’s inorganic growth plotted in this way. Having worked for many years in our Developer Network organisation, many former (and even a few current) partner names in the list are very familiar to me, although there are also many I don’t…

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