Camping at Diamond Lake

Tent Camping Fun

Last week I went tent camping with my girlfriend and our two dogs to the Crater Lake National Park area at Diamond Lake Oregon. Mosquitos were out in force, but manageable. We didn’t get into the National Park due to the historical amounts of snow this Winter, Crater Lake North Entrance and the rim drive were closed until they can get roads and facilities plowed for tourists, but we still had a blast and rode our bikes the 12 mile bike/hike trail around the lake and cooked on the campfire, hiked the region, 12-mile as watched the amazing sunsets.

Career Update:
I am now nearing the end of my unscheduled sabbatical, and actively seeking and engaging talks with people for technology consulting projects or full-time roles. If you want to talk, send me an email or give me a call.

A few images from the short camping adventure!



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