Digital Built Week this Week! – landarchBIM

This week is Digital Built Week Americas (aka BILTNA or DBWna). And for those who will be attending, here is a little bit more information about my lab and the Parallax Team booth.

If you plan to attend any labs and want to actually follow along, please be sure to bring your own laptop. Of course, you can attend a lab and just watch, but the labs are paced to actually walk the audience through the steps.

My lab is on Thursday afternoon starting at 1:15, and it technically has two parts.

Part 1: Toposolid Overview. This first section of the lab will walk through the ins and outs of the new Toposolid element, how it differs from floors and toposurfaces, and key changes in Revit 2024.

And then at 2:30:

Part 2: API and FOREground. The second section of the lab will focus on the Toposolid API and the FOREground app. This section will walk through several workflows and automations with Toposolids.

Obviously you can attend one or both sessions, though I…

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