How CAD-based millwork estimation services save time and money

Accuracy in millwork takeoff is vital for woodwork contractors trying to win bids. CAD-based millwork estimating services free them from worries about errors and the manual efforts to change values.

For any construction project, millwork takeoff is the key element in project budgeting and cost estimation. Millwork/joinery roughly accounts for over 20% of project costs in cold climates like that of the USA, Europe, and UK. This is true for all residential, commercial, and civil construction projects.

Correct millwork quantity takeoffs (QTOs) help general contractors and architects execute projects within budget and time, and empower them to win more bids.

Millwork estimating services are especially helpful when a project involves a complex range of wood and materials. They streamline project accuracy and collaboration, where the woodwork contractor is used to working with manual methods. Usually, in these cases, a lack of specific product/design knowledge also poses a challenge….

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