Is There a Future for 2D


Is there still a future for flat two dimensional (2D) writing or drawings, yes. 2D drawings and written communication have been around since the beginning of time as evidenced on cave walls and papyrus. Today many use these flat 2D methods based on needs, medium, cost, and effort and will continue to rely on them, even in design using CAD (Computer Aided Design).

CAD has dramatically changed the way we design and develop products, structures, and systems. CAD software today is more focused on 3D modeling, enabling engineers and designers to create three-dimensional representations of their ideas. However, amidst the dominance of 3D CAD, the question arises: Is there a future for 2D CAD?

The Role of 2D CAD

While 3D CAD has become the go-to tool for many design disciplines today, there are numerous scenarios where 2D CAD still holds value. 2D CAD primarily focuses on creating 2Drepresentations of objects, designs, and plans. It can simplify the design process much like sketching,…

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