Roles of SD, DD, and CD in Construction Projects

A thorough understanding of the scopes of schematic design (SD), design development (DD), and construction documentation (CD), enables architects to execute projects better at every step of construction. Accurate GFC documents ensure quick client approvals, easier design modifications, and improved project coordination.

Architectural firms and design consultants need to ensure that projects are on schedule, within budget, designed as per client needs, and in compliance with building codes. Lengthy design cycles caused by low visibility into project scope, weak design briefs and inability to visualize designs dilutes output richness.

To overcome these challenges, the architectural process is streamlined by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with a priority order of project milestones. Greater design challenges are addressed first, then we add other details, including ideas and issues. According to AIA, the five phases of architecture are Programming (Pre-design), Schematic…

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