Sign Villain Busted Using Super Geek Powers of AirTag

Geeky Private Eye

Being a technology geek has its benefits when trying to solve a local real estate sign theft issue. Long story short, I helped my partner to solve the case of the disappearing real estate signs. These real estate signs can be spendy and come out of the real estate agent’s pocket. After placing the Open House sign out along the street, I simply taped an Apple AirTag  to the sign and then stood nearby with a nice warm chai tea expecting nothing, but hoping I could capture this sign villain on video and track them and put an end to the sign thefts.


In just 45 minutes a man drove up, stopped, and got out and grabbed the sign and threw it in the back of their car and drove off.
I was in disbelief but watched the Apple AirTag update the sign location on my iPhone due to the AirTag taped to it. The suspect was caught red-handed with 3 signs and we recovered the Apple AirTag enabled sign 18 miles away in a stinky dumpster of a bar.
BUSTED, Case Solved!

The cranky villain received police…

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