CAAD Futures 2023

On Tuesday night my daughter and I headed to Geneva to hop on a plane to Amsterdam Schipol.

Our plane

We were quite lucky with our arrival: we were able to get out of the airport and onto a train to Delft within 20 minutes.

Catching the train

On arriving in Delft we headed to our Airbnb, managing to avoid being hit by bicycles. We came across some interesting structural work being down on a nearby bridge.

Some crazy formwork

After dropping our bags, we headed out for dinner with my old friend Pete Storey, who kindly popped over from Utrecht to meet us for a bite and a chat.

Dinner with Pete

Some of you may remember that Pete and I worked closely together on the Dar Smart Bridge project: something we’ll be presenting about at AU 2023.

After dinner

We woke up bright and early to head across to TU Delft’s faculty of architecture. I had totally misjudged the weather: luckily we’d brought an umbrella – and my daughter was smart enough to bring her own rain jacket – so we were more than a little soggy by the time we arrived.

Blown away

The room was slow to fill up – the…

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