The public demo of Project Dasher is going offline

This milestone has crept up on me, over the last few months. I guess I’ve been putting off thinking – and blogging – about it.

Earlier this year we made the decision to wind down development and support of the time-series database that serves as the back-end for Project Dasher. (Fun fact: this project was originally codenamed Blitzen – the name of a reindeer that was part of the “back-end” for Dasher on Santa’s sleigh – and eventually became known internally as Data 360.)

Anyway, it was time to wind it down, both because of the widespread availability of alternative cloud-based time-series databases – whether from AWS, Azure, GE, MongoDB, etc. – but also the increasing maturity of the Autodesk Tandem facility monitoring feature and its underlying streams implementation. Basically APS developers have lots of options, these days (not that we ever made Data 360 available publicly – other than to drive the Dasher demo – but has been clear for some time that other…

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