What Businesses should know about 3D printing for Product Design?

In addition to providing a more effective and cost effective way to create and iterate prototypes, 3D printing, and prototyping have revolutionized product design. The prototyping process has traditionally been time consuming and expensive, but additive manufacturing professionals have lately been using methods such as 3D printing to decrease the time & cost.

3D printing creates physical objects from digital designs using materials like plastics, metals, and composite filaments. Rapid prototyping is possible with the technology. Functional prototypes can be manufactured in-house with high end 3D printers like SLA and SLS. Small businesses may find it difficult to afford advanced 3D printers.

Materials for 3D Printing

Alternatives include using specialized 3D printing services, which offer a variety of materials at various prices. Materials such as resin or nylon are affordable options, while stainless steel is a premium metal material. Material weights and volumes as well…

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