Autodesk University 2023 plans

I’ve just come back from 2 weeks off work. We didn’t go very far, but did enjoy the Swiss countryside, as well as the national day on August 1st.

August 1st

The Hills Are Alive

With the Sound of Music

Anyway, it’s back to the grindstone, with some looming deadlines around preparing content for AU 2023.

The class schedule is now live, so you can head on over and search for or browse your favourite classes. Be sure to bookmark any that interest you, as you’ll be able to register from August 24th.

Here are the two classes I’ll be presenting as primary speaker:

My AU 2023 classes

My first class is bright and early on the Monday morning at 8am Pacific, and will be a 90-minute slot talking about VASA. My second class is on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm Pacific, and will be a shorter 60-minute session with my friend Pete Storey, where we’ll talk about printing and instrumenting bridges. Both sessions should be fun, I hope.

There’s also a panel session on the impact of acoustics in AEC being run by my friend Allin Groom that I’m expecting to…

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