A Comparison of Revit & SketchUp for BIM

There is a considerable amount of crossover between Revit and SketchUp, so choosing one is not as simple as choosing the other. SketchUp is the way to go if you’re looking for something easy to use and inexpensive. Alternatively, you can invest in Revit if you need powerful, all-inclusive building design software.

The following are some comparisons between SketchUp and Revit, so you can decide whether or not one is better suited to your needs.

SketchUp as a BIM

We are now going to throw a monkey wrench into this comparison. There’s even an extension called Sefaira that transforms SketchUp into a lightweight BIM tool.

The BIM tools available in Revit are more extensive as it is a highly sophisticated professional-grade software. While SketchUp plus Sefaira can perform several essential analytical functions, it may not be enough to accomplish your goals.

Revit as a BIM

Structural Analysis

When it comes to structural engineering, Revit has built-in structural…

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