AU class registrations so far

As mentioned in the last post, it’s now possible for people to sign up for their AU classes. And it’s really worth taking the time to do so, as some classes are filling up quickly.

Despite being held at a ridiculously early time on the first day of the conference, my first class is already 88% full, for instance (there are 141 registered and the capacity of the room it’s currently assigned to is 160). I see that 300+ people have this session in their list of favourites, so if you do want to attend then I recommend signing up sooner rather than later.

VASA sign-ups

My second class – that I’ll be presenting with my friend Pete Storey – still has plenty of space, on the other hand: it currently has 8 registered with a capacity of 109 (which makes it 93% empty 😉 so don’t stress too much about that one; there’s much less urgency.

Smart bridge sign-ups

One more class I’d like to point people to is being presented by Abed Aarabi, whom I know from a couple of APS Accelerators. Abed gave the attendees of the…

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