Autodesk DevCon 2023 in Munich – Part 2

In the last post we took a look at the first day of last week's Autodesk DevCon in Munich. Today’s post focuses on the second day and overall impressions of the event.

For me day 2 of the DevCon started with a short U-Bahn trip from Goetheplatz to Harras.

Goetheplatz U Bahn

From the U-Bahn exit, I instinctively started walking the wrong way – I’d like to say this is easily done, but anyway – but luckily a fellow DevCon attendee coming from the other direction helped me realize my mistake. I do love the Autodesk developer community!

The room filling up

The general session filled up quickly, once again. Rather than sitting near the front, this time I found a convenient coffee table near the back.

Peter Schlipf having his photo taken

Emile was once again master of ceremonies and recapped the previous day's general session before introducing the next topics.Emile recapping and introducing the agenda

Ben Cohran hosted a very interesting panel with Frank Neuberg and Caner Dolas.A panel with Frank and Caner

There were a number of helpful announcements, including this slide on the APS SDK roadmap.The SDK roadmap

I was happy to see Tandem…

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