Building the Future with BIM: Unlocking Hidden Dimensions in Construction

According to neuroscience, Design is the ability to connect the unconnected. Like BIM, it’s a process of creating a connection between an idea and what is possible. Ultimately, the goal of BIM/design is to provide meaningful experiences for people through thoughtful planning.

In this video, we discover how Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows designers to connect the unconnected, providing the ability to visualize nonvisualized aspects of a project. BIM not only offers a digital model for visual representation, but also utilizes data to enhance the specifying and receiving of information. Learn about the industry’s biggest challenge of establishing a common data environment, and the need for a more open and flexible approach. Explore the complexities of scope of work allocation among different disciplines and the importance of injecting and reading information within the model.

Through careful consideration of materials, color palettes, textures, shapes and sizes, designers create unique experiential spaces that create moments and experiences.

Witness how BIM is revolutionizing the construction industry and enabling effective collaboration between stakeholders.

0:00 – Introduction
0:02 – Defining Design
0:16 – Visualizing the Nonvisualized
0:30 – The Importance of Data in BIM
0:42 – Challenges with Common Data Environment
1:01 – Flexibility and Compliance
1:14 – Lack of Information Utilization
1:21 – Scope of Work Conflicts
1:34 – Conclusion

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