Design Master Electrical for Revit: Fault Calculations (09/21/2023)

Design Master Electrical RT is an add-in for Revit that adds electrical calculations to your existing Revit model.

Learn about short-circuit analysis in our software. See how we calculate the fault at panels and the factors that impact the outcome.

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00:46 Viewing and modifying the Design Master fault current schedule created using the *Schedules→Fault* command
01:36 How the *DMET_PanelTree_SortOrder* shared parameter is used to sort the distribution tree
02:02 Shared parameters used to display the calculated fault with or without warnings
03:21 Configuring fault current settings for distribution equipment in the *Panel Edit* command
03:24 Setting the starting fault on the most upstream equipment
04:33 Viewing the calculated fault and modifying feeder settings on downstream distribution equipment
08:07 Additional fault calculation settings for transformers
08:42 Modifying settings at the family level using the *Family Edit* command
10:12 Fault current settings for branch circuit devices
11:06 A note about fault calculations for circuits with several devices
11:38 Configuring motor contributions at the family level
13:39 A note about including all motor contributions in calculations
14:40 Handling motor contributions against the fault at the utility

16:33 “How do the fault calculations work with regard to transfer switches and generators?”
19:24 “If the utility transformer is not defined in the Revit model, how do I set up my fault calculations?”