ENERCALC for Revit 2024

The release of Autodesk’s Revit 2024 brought a variety of changes to Revit’s analytical framework, but what does it all mean for your daily production work?

Same Easy Workflow

The great news is that ENERCALC for Revit users can expect the very same simple intuitive experience you’ve had in all previous versions of EFR!

Hosted Loads Only

One of the most notable changes in Revit 2024 was the removal of non-hosted load elements. EFR 2024 supports complete interop with these newly overhauled loads, whether constrained to the full extents of the element, or set with arbitrary location / extents. And just like before, you can always create and modify loads 100% from the ENERCALC interface if you prefer.

Hassle-Free Productivity

In EFR 2024, we’ve incorporated a number of assistive features that let you seamlessly harness the power of Revit’s increasingly robust and flexible analytical framework without ANY additional workload for you and your team.