Breakfast behind the old lady’s
back. Everything is so familiar although I last walked past 45 years ago and I
barely remember anything from that visit.

In 2019, a small team of BIM enthusiasts set about
building a Revit model of Notre Dame de Paris, purely as a private venture. It
was a voyage of discovery, a hands-on approach to understanding the history and
construction of this great monument, so recently ravaged by fire.

I love doing that kind of stuff. The experience lent
extra layers of meaning to my visit today more than four years later.


Derrick cranes and river barges. The materials have
changed from wood to steel, but the same principles have been used to build
Cathedrals next to a river for hundreds of years. Similarly, factory made
container-size modules, stacked 5 high replace the ramshackle craftsman’s
village of medieval times.

Did they eat quiche and hot chocolate? Not sure how old
quiche is, but chocolate came from the new world so we would have…

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