I Expect You To Die 3 🤖 Robot Antics Trailer

Agents, by now you know that Dr. Prism is a major force to be reckoned with in I Expect You To Die 3… but what do you really know about Robutler and the rest of Dr. Prism’s robot cronies??? 🤖

Don’t let their seemingly endearing curiosity (and jokes 🤔?) fool you — they are… somewhat-automated and not to be trusted, Agent!

Now available on SteamVR, Agents can enter the third installment of the beloved spy-fi VR franchise filled with complex and dangerous puzzles, exciting espionage, a sprinkle of hilarity thrown in, and a wild ride of robot antics to round out this death-defying (or implying) adventure.

Don’t let Robutler make a joke out of you, Agent. Stay sharp. 💥


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