Preparation for AU 2023

It has been a really busy but important week for our team.

We had a fantastic virtual offsite where we spent a significant amount of time using LEGO to conceptualise some of our planning for the coming year. A friend of mine was all set to become a LEGO practitioner – to assist with team-building events – before the plans were de-railed by the pandemic… independently my colleague Dagmara suggested we try “Serious Play” for this offsite and I said yes before she’d finished her sentence.

Serious play

We’ve made great strides for our upcoming exhibition in Toronto (formal announcement coming soon) which we’ll then be taking to AU 2023 in Las Vegas. This exhibit is going to be unbelievably cool – I can’t wait for people to see it.

Inspired by the recent DevCon in Munich, I’ve been working on a prototype integration of VASA into Forma. I’ll talk more about this in a series of posts, soon, but basically wanted to try urban pathfinding using context geometry from Forma – just to see…

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