SofistiK Analysis and design 2023 for Revit Part 1 Getting started

Analysis + Design for Revit
Structural design in the BIM process – consistent and seamless
SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design 2023 for Revit is the integrated BIM solution for structural analysis of buildings in Autodesk® Revit®. The application enables a seamless workflow from advanced adjustment of your Revit structural model to sizing of continuous slabs, columns and beams. Reinforced concrete elements can be arranged, calculated and verified in accordance with Eurocode. All these verification tasks automatically produce compelling analysis and design reports. Advanced calculation technologies, fully automatable workflows and a wide range of interfaces make Analysis + Design for Revit your safe, efficient and flexible application for structural engineering projects of any size.
Take full advantage of
state-of-the-art BIM processes
With SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit you are well equipped for all BIM projects. SOFiSTiK provides a decisive advantage in a collaborative environment by storing the calculation information within the Revit project. This information is available to all project participants ensuring full support of all collaboration features provided by the Revit platform.

in these serie of tutorials videos we gona show somme benefit of using this open bim workflow for structural engineering,we will discriber all the capabilities of the software for structural design there is 11 part take hand of this tutorials videos after to finish this course you’il will learn more on BIM integrated structural design in revit 2023
to download the trial version of sofware here is the link bellow

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