SUBTRACTION — 3 Pound Combat Robot Reveal

SUBTRACTION is the newest combat robot from Team Just ‘Cuz Robotics. SUBTRACTION will be competing at the NHRL September 30th 2023 tournament.

SUBTRACTION is an evolution of Shameless Self Promotion, which had a top 8 finish at the 2023 National Havoc Robot League “Hot Bot Summer” event, and is the basis for the popular SSP 3lb Lifter Kit. The weapon system of SUBTRACTION consists of a completely custom mass manufacturable hubmotor called the JCR 4935 1000kV. If it works, this will become a drop-in weapon attachment for the SSP Kit, and will be open for use in any other custom-designed combat robot as well.

The JCR 4935 1000kV motor has been built for combat from the ground up – everything about it is meant to withstand the immense forces that 3lb combat robots can dish out. The motor itself weighs around 205 grams and is 49mm in diameter and about 35.5mm tall. More details to follow in an upcoming deep dive video…

If you are interested in a preorder or beta testing this motor, please email us at [email protected]!

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