Automating Revit using ChatGPT, with Alex Ritivoi | BIM Pure Live #063

Alex Ritivoi is a BIM Lead at 3XN/GXN, in Copenhagen, Danemark. In this session, Alex will demonstrate using ChatGPT to automate Revit. You will learn how to use ChatGPT to:

Create complex formulas in Revit families
Generate pyRevit code for custom utility scripts
Use the Wolfram Plugin for Trigonometry to help with complex geometry formulas
Simplify scripts on Dynamo or Grasshopper, getting rid of package dependencies

And more.

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Music by: Ile Flottante


0:00 – Pre-show music
0:32 – Enscape tip of the week
4:43 – Chatting with Alex
7:58 – How does Alex use ChatGPT and LLMs
19:27 – Alexs background before using ChatGPT
20:53 – Is ChatGPT coding bad?
21:57 – What Obsidian is?
27:02 – Difference between Notion and Obsidian
27:37 – GPT 3.5 vs GPT 4
34:52 – Demo of ChatGPT in Revit with Rhino
39:02 – ChatGPT plugins
41:31 – Back to the demo with Rhino
54:02 – ChatGPT for Rhino in a few words
54:50 – Demo of ChatGPT in Revit with Dynamo
1:03:25 – ChatGPT for Dynamo in a few words
1:03:40 – Example of a prompt in ChatGPT for Dynamo
1:08:23 – Tree-of-Thought prompting
1:10:16 – What is the purpose of a Python script?
1:13:07 – What is the first step to use ChatGPT in Revit?
1:16:15 – Wrap Up
1:17:12 – Alexs final words
1:19:24 – Post-show music