Come and see From Steps to Stories in Toronto and Las Vegas

I’m very excited that our partners at The Bentway have announced the upcoming exhibition they’re hosting that will showcase work being done by Autodesk Research. Here is some information on The Bentway from their web-site:

Anchored under Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway and guiding its complex future, The Bentway is a growing public space, and much more. We are a new type of civic organization: a not-for-profit, powered by vital partnerships with the City of Toronto, residents, supporters, artists, city-builders, and dreamers. The Bentway is a creative catalyst rooted in experimentation, leading a creative movement to re-imagine the opportunities of urban spaces.

We’ve been running “walkshops” at The Bentway during the summer using various types of technology to capture the experience people have when using their space. This feeds into our efforts on human-centric building design, as capturing data on the human experience of architectural (and in this case urban) spaces…

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