Effortless heavy timber frame design in Revit

This video is about streamlining heavy timber framing design, data management, and documentation for heavy timber, post-frame projects in Revit. 📗 Read more about Agacad Post & Beam Framing software, families & configurations https://agacad.com/products/post-beam-framing

Agacad software used in this video: Post & Beam Framing
► Having to manually model heavy timber structures in Revit and generate shop drawings for them takes a lot of time and is fraught with the risk of making mistakes that can cause problems in prefabrication and construction on site.

That’s where Agacad’s Post & Beam Framing BIM software comes in.

It automatically creates frames, trusses and braces for walls, floors and roofs and places complex, customized structural connection elements for various joints, like mortise and tenon, lap joints and dovetails. It distributes structural framing and structural connection elements according to your predefined configurations.

But it doesn’t stop with modeling.

Our Post & Beam software also takes care of cut lists and shop drawings, complete with views, dimensions, tags, schedules, and mass of each element and assembly. Everything is inserted just the way you want, saving vast amounts of time and avoiding the chance of errors.

[01:53] Enhanced UI
[03:35] Customizable examples
[05:38] Numbering walls, floors, roofs with mark values
[06:08] Creating frames
[06:46] Extending beams
[07:35] Adding braces
[08:03] Modifying spacing of posts
[09:33] Modifying floor, bridging and nogging
[11:24] Structural connections in walls
[14:45] Décor elements
[16:25] Floor connections
[17:38] Trusses
[21:12] Rafters, battens, siding, nailers
[22:13] Finishing touches (light fixtures)
[24:01] Modifying frame if architecture changes
[25:50] Framing based on model lines
[30:05] Shop drawings, assembly views, native Revit views

Hosted by: Agacad’s Eve Leliuge | BIM Application Engineer, Autodesk Revit Certified Pro
Aired: October 12, 2023


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