My first experience with BIM failed. How did you get started with Building Information Modeling?

Simon shares his first encounter with BIM (Building Information Modeling). In 2006 or 2007, while working on a remarkable rotating tower project in Abu Dhabi, the client’s curiosity pushed us to explore the immense potential of BIM. Faced with challenges in providing accurate information using AutoCAD, we delved into Revit and discovered the power of BIM. Although our first attempt with a Revit wasn’t successful, we learned a lot. In the end we used a plugin in AutoCAD as the BIM part didn’t go as planned, this experience marked the beginning of my journey with BIM and set the stage for future success. Don’t miss this rest of Simon’s BIM journey!

0:00 – Introduction
0:02 – First Interaction with BIM
0:21 – Working with AutoCAD
0:26 – Looking into Revit
0:29 – First Exposure to BIM

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