Rewriting modular construction’s shitty first draft

In cooking, it is the first pancake. In aviation, it was the Ornithopter. In architecture, it is shipping container buildings. And in computation design, it is Voronoi diagrams. Do it, get it out of your system, and move on to something better. Popularised by Anne Lamott in her book Bird by Bird, the Shitty first draft concept suggests that the first iteration is always crap and needs to be thrown out. However, rather than considering it a failure, it is a necessary part of the creative process to arrive at a better solution. For construction, it would seem modular is its shitty first draft, and it needs to be rewritten.

Iterate to innovate

In fact, the only sin which we never forgive in each other is difference of opinion.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it comes to modular construction, the premise is simple: “Why can’t we mass-produce houses – standard, well-designed, at low-cost – in the same way Ford mass-produced cars?” But as we saw in our previous…

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