The MX3D Smart Bridge is moving

I received an email from Rick Webb – who I have met a few times on trips to Amsterdam, and mentioned in this previous post – telling me some sad news. The MX3D bridge has been removed from its location in the heart of Amsterdam, and will be replaced by a more traditional bridge at some point over the coming months.

I mentioned after my last visit that this day was coming: the bridge was only ever intended to be in place for two years as a temporary art installation – and there was enough opposition from a local heritage preservation group that this period was unlikely to be extended – but it’s still a sad day for those involved in the project over the years. It was a beautiful object – from my personal perspective – and the project itself has changed the way we think about the future of infrastructure.

I’m glad I was able to visit it when I could, over the last few years, and with two of my three kids.

Here are some photos that Rick took on Friday, in the rain, as the bridge…

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