Using VASA with Forma – Part 1

While preparing for one of my upcoming AU classes, I decided to explore how someone could use VASA – our Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis toolkit – with Forma. Right now Forma is largely focused on conceptual design – taking into account the surrounding urban context – so this thinking was largely focused on how VASA might be used at the urban scale. This is something we’ve looked at before in the context of FormIt and Dynamo.

While a tighter integration is likely to be possible at some point – I’ll talk a little more about our work on a WebAssembly version in the next post, and there’s some news coming soon that’s likely to be relevant – for now I wanted to focus on a slightly disconnected workflow: exporting geometry from Forma and loading that into a standalone Dynamo graph that uses VASA for pathfinding.

The simplest way I could find to export the currently scene from Forma is via an extension. And the simplest way to build an extension that does this is to use…

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