Using VASA with Forma – Part 2

In the first post in this series we looked at an approach for exporting Forma geometry to an STL file that can be loaded into Dynamo and analysed using VASA, our Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis toolkit. The overall goal is to be able to use VASA for urban-scale analysis of the site context. (Later on I hope we’ll also be able to work with more detailed architectural geometry as the level of detail in Forma evolves.)

In that post I also alluded to something that’s coming soon which will streamline the above workflow: you’ll hear more about that at AU 2023 if you’re lucky enough to be attending that event.

Today I wanted to talk about a prototype integration of VASA directly into Forma. Using the same approach as the “Export STL” extension we saw last time – an Embedded View that displays an HTML-based dialog inside one of Forma’s two panels – we can host VASA’s WebAssembly package and use it directly within the Forma browser environment.

I’ve talked about…

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