This compilation of recent LinkedIn posts spans 4 different
countries and 30 years of my life. So let’s celebrate diversity “of experience”


These drawings date back 30 years to
the beginnings of my career as a fully qualified architect, having taken a
detour of 15 years or so to try my hand at the manual trades (especially
bricklaying) and teaching / Curriculum Development.

The site was on the crest of a hill just outside
Harare, with the most stupendous view. My boss, Mike Clinton would draw
enigmatic concept sketches on little squares of paper the size of sticky notes
and leave it to us to make them work.

I attended site meetings while the concrete frame went
up, but not much beyond that. Hopefully it turned out OK. As with many such
projects the budget was cut back quite dramatically after construction has
already begun. I guess it was a bit of a baptism of fire for me.

Who knows how my career would have developed if
Zimbabwe hadn’t gone into meltdown. It was fun…

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